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Education is not only talking about the academic result, as Nelson Mandela has said that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Indonesia Population by Country Comparison

Indonesia is the 4th largest population and the biggest Isles country in the world. Blessed in many natural resources including gold and others mining goods, many of Indonesian are still living in poverty and poor mentality. Working in the education field for more than 20 years I can clearly see that improvement in the education sector playing a big role to answer these problems.

Focusing on Christian education, this ministry helps to train, mentor and equipping teachers who are the backbone of education. I have the privilege to see how God change schools and communities because a teacher’s heart being transform. One of the leaders of a foundation that we train said “The training has impacted my teachers in how they see and treat their students in more loving ways. In a culture where physical punishment and humiliation are part of how we educate our children, it is also opening my eyes that we need to change how things work here”.

We are inviting you to be part of the transformation, your one-time meal budget can change a life and nation.

This project is to raise $1000 that will be used for 6 months campaign where we can make the ministry more sustainable by creating a marketing tool and social media awareness to reach out to people who see the dream and want to be a mission partner with us in the long run.

Funding breakdown:




Phone and Internet

$15 * 6 months


Part-time staff salary

(Media monitoring)

$130 * 6 months


Video creator



We are focusing on equipping teachers to teach forward a transformation in their community. To create a true Shalom learning community where Christ is the center, led by Spirit and Bible-based.

Ruth Devi
Kalideres Permai G5 12C, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

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